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Frigo Express

About us

Pharma Express offers a specialized medical transportation service for many of the top pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions in the industry.
We are a company dedicated to connecting the needs of society. Transport is an essential means by which progress and innovation expand.
We are a company that prioritizes the offer of complete and accessible transportation services.

Frigorific transport


Transcom Danmar SRL is supported by its team of operational staff with 5 years of experience in pharmaceutical transport, biotechnology, research and development, medical services and a wide range of temperature sensitive products.


We offer specialized temperature control services throughout Europe, using our modern fleet of vehicles operating in a constant temperature range from minus 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.
Our vehicles are equipped with monitoring solutions and state-of-the-art temperature reporting built into the vehicle's positioning systems, which include an alarm system that notifies the driver if there are deviations outside the set temperature parameters.


All vehicles have the ability to load products at separate temperatures; br All vehicles are equipped with an additional security system to ensure the safety of your products during transit.

We offer assistance throughout the transport from collection to delivery; this information can be provided to the customer at any stage of the journey, if necessary.

All our trucks are EURO 6.
The vans are equipped with spill(discharge) sets.

The data is stored on own the server, so that you do not need to print all the documents of interest.
Our staff is trained to protect the environment.

Our commitment to health, our contribution to the protection of this beautiful planet!
Electric vans are one of our top priorities on our list for future plans.